Monday, April 2, 2012

I was going through my painting pictures and thought I would post some for you to see. Enjoy

Tissue Box - back this year - supplier stocking again!! as we can't make these ourselves.  We are also in the process of painting rectangle boxes - keep watching for pictures coming soon.  

Wonderful for your front door - has lights on his garland, you can choose your colours.

He is very proud of his skating abilities - great by your backyard pond

Benches sell out at every show

Reindeer on a stick - branches from my bush.


  1. I haven't seen you around for awhile, so glad I found your blog. Looks like you are working hard as ever. Everything is really cute. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Hi Eileen
    Yes, we are still around - just busy!! Working hard already for this years shows. Last year was exciting for us as we bought a house in Phoenix, AZ. We get to use it but also we are renting it out as a Vacation Home. It was fun and very busy, furnishing a whole house, so much stuff to buy!!! I put a link to the house - if anyone is interested. Glad to see you are still painting away - I like your blog site - still trying to figure how to set mine up - its a learning process. Would like to get more followers but I'm sure it will just take some time. Thanks for stopping by and happy painting!! :)